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Call for applications SIBC 2020
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Since its first edition in 2017, the SIBC has supported nearly 150 entrepreneurs with a strong societal impact in Africa in their transition to scale-up, in the measurement of their social performance and in their preparation for fundraising.

What is the SIBC?

The SIBC is a blended-learning support program which includes:

○ 4 months of remote coaching on a dedicated online platform offering training courses and interactive virtual classes hosted by international mentors 
○ 1 tailored mentoring program for each entrepreneur
○ 1 week of intensive boot camp in Marseille in partnership with the EMERGING Valley Summit
○ Being part of an active and ambitious international community

Key learning units

○ Leadership: defining better your purpose and mission, structuring your governance, and organizing your teams for successful growth 
○ Scale up: adapting your business model and building your scale up strategy to maximize your impact and create a worldwide network of partners and growth drivers 
 Investment Readiness: identifying your financing needs, understanding investor expectations, and preparing to raise funds
○ Impact: measuring your social impact, with regard to the Sustainable Development Goals

Challenging times: growing your business in times of crisis

This year, the Covid-19 crisis reminds us of the urgency for our societies to take responsibility for environmental and social inclusion issues. We must collectively rapidly develop capacities for resilience and societal innovation. To do so, we need more than ever these innovative entrepreneurs who challenge the status quo to invent sustainable models generating societal impacts in Africa. 

The SIBC thus pursues this double mission: (i) supporting entrepreneurs generating social impacts in Africa in their growth and also (ii) drawing inspiration from their dynamism and their strong resilience capacities by offering them a high international visibility, and fostering the emergence of strong role models in terms of inclusive and agile entrepreneurship 

Therefore, for its 2020 edition, the SIBC is once again committed to working alongside entrepreneurs in order to strengthen their growth and resilience capacities in the face of an unprecedented economic and health crisis. This 4th edition, still focusing on social innovations, will highlight the themes of environmental responsibility and technical innovations to serve the most vulnerable through e-health or edtech in particular.

Building the entrepreneurial community is a key issue in the emergence of a more resilient and collaborative world, and the SIBC Alumni community will be widely invited to join this edition. The SIBC wishes to strengthen its commitment to the change makers of the continent, equipping them to deal with the consequences of future crises. 

The SIBC is committed first and foremost to supporting young entrepreneurs in this time of crisis by providing them with the necessary management and reflection tools. Each entrepreneur who validates their application will thus have access to a Covid-19 business survival toolkit developed with AMI, a partner of the SIBC. They will be able to interact during a collaborative webinar, to access management tools on the AMI platform for 2 months and thus join a community of highly skilled peers to support them during this uncertain period.  

Eligibility criteria

○ Be a legally registered social enterprise with a minimum of 3 years of activity and a turnover
○ Provide evidence of a positive societal impact in Africa and an innovative approach 
○ Provide evidence of a balanced business model or a medium-term profitability objective
○ Provide a strategy for scaling up, including a reflection on governance and leadership

The following will not be eligible:

○ Individual applications
○ Non-profit organisations without a business model or profitability objective
○ Public and para-public bodies


○ May 4 - July 15, 2020: submission of applications
○ July 31, 2020: processing of applications and selection of the 60 participants by our selection committee
○ September 2020: beginning of the e-learning training on our digital platform, beginning of the mentoring program and integration into the SIBC learning community
○ Early December 2020: one-week intensive boot camp in Marseille and participation to the EMERGING Valley Summit

Application process

Applications must be completed on the Digital Africa platform.

The application is composed of:

○ An application form to be completed (questions on the project leader, the company, its structure, its impact and its strategy for scaling up)
○ Proof of the legal registration of the company (registration document, articles of association, etc.)
○ Financial statements for the last 3 years
○ Detailed CV of the project leader

New operators:

After having developed the SIBC for three years, the AFD Development Campus has decided to rely on a consortium composed of I&P Conseil, African Management Institute (AMI), ScaleChanger and StartupBRICS for the implementation of the program. With a strong pedagogical team and an in-depth knowledge of African entrepreneurship, the consortium will carry the values of the SIBC to support entrepreneurs but also to raise awareness of the dynamics of an ecosystem that is now essential for the continent's development.


For any information request, please contact us with the link below


  • May 4 - July 15, 2020: submission of applications
  • July 31, 2020: processing of applications and selection of the 60 participants by our selection committee
  • September 2020: beginning of the e-learning training on our digital platform, beginning of the mentoring program and integration into the SIBC learning community
  • Early December 2020: one-week intensive boot camp in Marseille and participation to the EMERGING Valley Summit

Rules and regulations - Call for applications Social & Inclusive Business Camp - Edition 2020

Article 1 - Presentation of the programme

Created in 2017 by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), the Social & Inclusive Business Camp (SIBC) brings together and supports social entrepreneurs with a positive impact in Africa. The SIBC also enables the emergence of role models operating in Africa, a source of inspiration for inclusive and agile entrepreneurship. More than a simple training course, the SIBC is an active and dynamic community of change makers that fosters collective intelligence and peer-to-peer sharing.

All information about the Social & Inclusive Business Camp is available on the website

To submit their application, candidates fill in and validate before July 15, 2020 an electronic form accessible via the Digital Africa platform:

Article 2 - Purpose of the call for applications

The purpose of the call for applications is to select the entrepreneurs who will form the cohort participating in the programme in 2020.

The selection is entrusted to:

I&P Conseil, RCS Paris 832 255 095. Address: 9 rue Notre-Dame des Victoires, 75002 Paris, France.

The aim of the competition is to:

  • Identify African champions with a societal impact on the continent through innovative businesses

  • Identify inspiring role models operating in Africa to inspire entrepreneurs from the continent and beyond

  • Build a community of actors of change through methods of collective intelligence, creativity and peer-to-peer exchange

  • Support selected entrepreneurs in their transition to scale, their preparation for fundraising and the measurement of their social performance.

This programme is intended for all entrepreneurs responding to the following criteria:

  • Whose structure is legally registered

  • With a minimum of three years of practice

  • With proof of a turnover

  • With proof of a balanced economic model or a medium-term profitability objective

  • Justifying a positive societal impact in Africa

  • Presenting a scale up strategy integrating a reflection on governance and leadership.

The following are not eligible for the programme:

  • Individual applications

  • Associations that do not have a business model or profitability objective

  • Public and semi-public bodies.

The right of access to the call for applications is free of charge.

Article 3 - Timeline

  • 6 May - 15 July 2020: submission of applications

  • July 31, 2020: examination of applications and selection of the 60 participants by our selection committee.

  • September 2020: start of the e-learning training on our digital platform, start of the mentoring program and integration into the SIBC learning community.

  • Early December 2020: one-week intensive boot camp in Marseille and participation in the EMERGING Valley Summit.

We recommend that candidates ensure that they will be available early December for the boot camp in Marseille and that they will be able to travel to France.

In any case, the schedule is subject to change by the program organizers in case of major events or events beyond the control of the organizers. In this case, these modifications will be brought to the attention of the public and the candidates on the Digital Africa platform.

Article 4 - Terms of participation

Only natural persons can participate in the Social & Inclusive Business Camp.

Candidates represent their company and are preferably the founders of the project or at least in a position to make strategic decisions for the company.

Applicants for the call for applications must meet the eligibility criteria and obligations set out in the present rules and regulations.

Article 5 - Selection process

To participate in the program, the applicant must :

  • Complete the application form with questions about the project leader, the company, the company structure, the project, its impact and its scaling strategy.

  • Tick the box relating to his or her commitment to actively participate in the entire programme.

  • Provide evidence of legal registration of the company.

  • Provide the company's financial statements for the last three years.

  • Provide the detailed CV of the project leader.

Applications completed by applicants to the programme as well as the deliberations of the juries are confidential. Persons having to know the contents of the applications are bound by the strictest professional secrecy.

The organisers have the right to refuse incomplete applications. 

The organisers and juries associated with the programme cannot be held legally responsible for the protection of ideas, patents, files, models or trademarks invented by the candidates.

Applications are processed as follows:

  • A first screening of the applications by the organizers to select eligible applications for the program and reject non-compliant applications.

  • In a second step, the applications are reviewed and scored according to pre-established criteria by the programme organisers and the invited juries.

  • Eligible and scored applications are presented to a selection committee that validates the final cohort. The selection committee is led by the Agence Française de Développement, which chooses its members from among the programme's partners.

The organisers reserve the right to contact applicants whose applications are not clear enough to provide further details.

The indicative criteria for the evaluation of applications are as follows:

  • Maturity of the structure and management capacity, 

  • Innovative nature of the proposed solution,

  • Potential of the business model and strategy for scaling up,

  • Social impact and contribution to Sustainable Development Goals,

  • Profile of the project leader.

Article 6 - Applications

The application is accessible from the Digital Africa platform (, from May 6 to July 15, 2020.

Applications must be completed online from May 6 to July 15, 2020 at midnight (Paris time) on the Digital Africa platform.

Once the account has been created, you can reconnect to your application at any time until final validation. Only complete files are taken into account.

Applications must be fully completed. They must include all the requested documents (proof of legal registration, financial statements for the last three years, detailed CV of the project leader). Any incomplete file is rejected and consequently not validated. The files will be forwarded to the members of the jury. Please be careful with your spelling.

Eligible applications will be compiled in a file that will be presented to the selection committee, which will choose the final cohort. In order to ensure maximum objectivity on the grades attributed to the candidates, the files are evaluated by at least 2 members of the SIBC, before pooling the grades. 

Article 7 – Selection Committee 

The committee is chaired by the AFD Executive Board and is composed of one representative of the AFD Campus, one representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, one representative for each SIBC member, and an independent expert invited for the occasion.

Eligible applications are sent to the members of the selection committee at least one week before the committee meeting. Each jury member reviews the applications and the pre-established grades prior to the meeting. 

The committee is a time for discussion and deliberation around the applications in order to agree on a cohort of 60 participants. This final selection takes into account the overall balance of the cohort: sectors, genders, nationalities, etc.

Jury members are sovereign in their decisions and are not obliged to give reasons for their decisions, which are without appeal.

Article 8 – Announcement of winners

Selected entrepreneurs are notified by e-mail and/or telephone during the month of August. Unsuccessful candidates are also notified by e-mail.

The cohort will be officially announced on the SIBC website and social networks.

Article 9 – Commitment of candidates

Every candidate for the Social & Inclusive Business Camp commits to :

  • Read and accept these rules and regulations fully and without reservation.

  • Provide accurate information in his or her application file. If it turns out that all or part of the information provided by the candidate is untrue, the candidate may be eliminated immediately from the competition without any possible complaint. Moreover, any selected candidate who has provided false information will have his or her selection cancelled and may be sued for reimbursement of any sums received.

  • Not to reproduce and/or use the trademark, company name, logo or any distinctive sign of a third party without its formal agreement.

  • Not to infringe the privacy and image rights of a third party. Not to transmit elements that infringe the intellectual property rights or the rights of third parties and in particular trademark law, patent law, personal rights or copyright. It is expressly understood that each candidate guarantees the organisers against any recourse by a third party claiming that the candidate has not complied with one or more of the above rules.

  • Actively participate in the e-learning programme, mentoring and the boot camp in Marseille if selected.

  • Expressly authorise, in the event of selection, the organisers to exploit, use and disseminate their name, first name, image, city and country, via all media, print and internet, as well as the characteristic elements of their activity and project. They renounce only for the needs of this contest to claim any right on their image and accept in advance the diffusion of the photographs that may be taken and videos shot during the boot camp.

  • To take part, in case of selection, in public and press relations operations relating to the programme, and to answer questions from journalists with whom the organisers may put them in contact.

  • For a period of one year at the end of the programme, the selected entrepreneurs commit to inform the organisers of the evolution of their business and the achievements of their companies.

Article 10 – Responsibility

The organizers cannot be held responsible for any routing problems or communication cuts, connection difficulties, etc.

Participation in the programme implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limitations of the Internet. 

Consequently, the organisers cannot be held responsible under any circumstances, without this list being exhaustive: 

  • for the transmission and/or reception of any data and/or information on the Internet

  • for any malfunction of the Internet network preventing the proper conduct/operation of the call for applications

  • for the loss of any data

  • for the consequences of any virus, computer bug, anomaly, technical failure

  • for any damage caused to a candidate's computer

  • for any technical, hardware and software failure of any kind that prevented or limited the possibility of participating in the programme or damaged a candidate's system.

It is specified that the organizers cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage resulting from any interruption or malfunction for any reason whatsoever, or for any direct or indirect damage that would result, in any way whatsoever, from a connection to the Digital Africa platform.

It is the responsibility of each applicant to take all appropriate measures to protect his or her own data and/or software stored on his or her computer equipment against any attack. The connection of any person to the Digital Africa platform as well as their participation is done under their full responsibility.

Article 11 – Disqualification

The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any candidate whose actions or words in the context of this programme are indicative of inappropriate behaviour towards other candidates, including bad faith, lack of fair play, etc.

Article 12 – Consultation of the rules and regulations

The present rules are available on request from the organisers by e-mail and can be consulted on the Digital Africa platform, under the heading "Rules and regulations".

Article 13 – Personal information and right of access

In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to computers, files and freedoms, participants have the right to access and rectify the information provided by contacting:

I&P Conseil

9 rue Notre Dame des Victoires

75002 PARIS

Article 14 – Personal data

The personal data concerning candidates collected in the context of the call for applications are compulsory and necessary for the processing of their application and the management of the operation.

The processing of these personal data is justified by the legal basis of carrying out pre-contractual formalities, which are measures prior to the signature of a contract and which facilitate the conclusion of a contract. 

The personal data are intended solely for the use of the programme organisers, the associated consortium members, the Agence Française de Développement and the members of the selection committee.

Persons with access to the files are bound by professional secrecy with regard to this data. However, the organisers shall be authorised by the participant to communicate data concerning him/her to subcontractors and/or service providers for management purposes relating to the programme. The information communicated in the context of the programme shall be used solely for the purposes of the programme.

No other use of personal data will be made. No profiling will be carried out and, more generally, no automated decisions will be taken on the basis of the data collected.

Furthermore, no commercial use will be made of these data.

The storage period of personal data will be limited to the time necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected, namely the selection of candidates to participate in the SIBC programme. These data will not be retained after the programme has ended.

The organisers undertake, with regard to the persons concerned, to take all useful precautions to preserve the security of the information and in particular to prevent it from being communicated to unauthorised third parties.

The personal data may give rise to the exercise of the right of access, rectification, opposition under the conditions provided for by Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to computers, files and freedoms by writing to : Investisseurs & Partenaires, 9, rue Notre Dame des Victoires, 75002 Paris. 

Participants may also exercise their rights to the removal, limitation of processing, portability of their data and define guidelines applicable after death, by writing to the address indicated above. Any participant also has the right to file a complaint with the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL).

Article 15 – Miscellaneous provisions

In the event of circumstances beyond their control, the organisers of the Social & Inclusive Business Camp reserve the right to postpone, shorten, extend or cancel this programme without being held liable for this. For the purposes of these rules, the Covid-19 pandemic and the governmental measures that relate to it and/or are the consequence of it constitute circumstances beyond their control.

Similarly, the organizers of the Social & Inclusive Business Camp cannot be held responsible for any changes affecting the terms and conditions of the program.

Any modification of the present rules will come into force from the moment they are put online and any candidate will be deemed to have accepted them by the simple fact of participating in the programme, from the date on which the modification comes into force.

Any violation of these rules will result in the cancellation of participation in the programme and the reimbursement of any sums paid, without any possible claim by the candidate.

In the event of a dispute relating to the provisions of the present rules or the application of the latter, the difficulty raised will be settled by the Agence Française de Développement, the programme's sponsor.

Failing this, only the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris will be competent to hear and rule on this difficulty.

The SIBC is a 4-month coaching programme to support you in your growth. The pedagogical program, valued at 10,000 euros, allows you to address the different elements of a scale-up in order to succeed in yours. This programme is built around you, your teams, your company, your ecosystem. You will also have access to the network of the AFD and all its partners. Many mentors will be mobilized to support you. You will be an integral part of a new SIBC promotion that will provide you with support, experience and network, and that you will keep going. On a larger scale, you will become an Alumni in your turn and will be part of this network of SIBC alumni, an active and enriching network in terms of contacts and experience sharing. Of course, at the end of the boot camp, you will be invited to pitch in front of investors and partners of your growth (political, institutional, corporate, media...). Finally, a contest within the cohort is also organized and will allow to award a winner with a financial contribution. 
The teaching fees are free. The entire programme, including the digital component, is valued at an 10,000 euros. Meal expenses are paid by the AFD during the programme. All related expenses are the responsibility of the participant.
Grants will be awarded to participants who wish so, in order to cover the costs of getting to and staying at the boot camp in Marseille (plane and hotel). These scholarships will be offered as a reimbursement of expenses on the basis of invoices (there will be no advance on expenses). They will be of a maximum amount set according to the participant's country of origin.
Each participant must complete the consular procedures to obtain a visa as soon as the selection notification has been made with the support of I&P Conseil, the program coordinator, and the AFD. Participants will be in permanent contact with the organizing team. A list of hotels and accommodation available in Marseille will be sent to them. Each participant will have to book his or her accommodation and move around freely. Meals during the program are free of charge.  Each participant will receive a welcome booklet with all available information.
In theory, unfortunately no, only companies with three or more years of activity are eligible to participate in the program. Eligible companies are formal companies created before May 2017. The SIBC is primarily aimed at growing companies that have already developed a POC.
However, if your company is already growing strongly with a demonstrated turnover, your application may be considered. We will also look at the level of experience of the team.
Yes, the programme is aimed at formal companies with a minimum of three years of activity.
To be eligible, companies do not have to be registered in an African country. However, they must demonstrate a positive societal impact on the African continent. All countries on the continent are accepted. As the program is bilingual, we welcome entrepreneurs operating across the continent. 
Applicants operating in the Least Developed Countries under the UN category are strongly encouraged to participate.
The expected legal status is that of a commercial company (LLC, SAS, etc.). However, non-profit organizations that are profitable or have a medium-term profitability objective are also invited to participate, if they can prove a turnover.
The selection committee in charge of the final choice of participants in the programme will be chaired by the Agence Française de Développement, which will choose its members from among the programme's partners.
Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:
  1. Maturity of the structure and management capacity
  2. Innovative nature of the proposed solution
  3. Potential of the business model and strategy for scaling up
  4. Social impact and contribution to Sustainable Development Objectives
  5. Profile of the project leader
Can be considered as innovative, a solution offering a product or service that does not exist on the market, a solution whose production methods or processes are innovative compared to market standards, a solution that has the potential to be replicated in other markets, including Western markets, etc. Solutions with a technology component, offering services or products that meet an identified need of vulnerable populations (women, people with disabilities, refugees, etc.) or the base of the pyramid can also be considered innovative.
The expected societal impact of the company is understood as follows: the project is designed to solve a social or environmental problem and contributes to the Sustainable Development Objectives, the structure pays particular attention to reducing its ecological footprint, and/or the structure implements an internal Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) policy. Consideration will also be given to whether the organisation pays particular attention to creating employment for young people, women, or other vulnerable groups, and whether the scaling strategy takes into account maximising social or environmental impact.
Companies from all sectors can participate in the SIBC.
Selected applicants will be notified during August 2020.
Any legal element justifying a registration (certificate of incorporation, receipt of proof of registration at any company register, registered articles of association, etc.).
Financial statements certified by an auditor or similar.
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